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What is TIDEA™

TIDEA™ * is a target-independent approach to prediction of small molecule drug candidate affinity for biological targets that is effective for multiple targets, molecular shapes and scaffolds. It is a unique in silico application that can be used to select molecules with high affinity without sacrificing structural diversity.

TIDEA™ differs from ligand-based approaches because it

  1. is independent of overall ligand shape and size
  2. does not require knowledge of the target, SAR or molecular mechanism of action
  3. uses a single model to predict affinity for multiple ligands and targets - there is no need to build a new model for each new target or project.

TIDEA™ can be used in early stage screening prior to application of target-specific methods and/or when the target is unknown or 3D structure or SAR data are not available. Unlike target-specific approaches, TIDEA™ can be used to discover new drug candidates for complex, multi-target disease states.

Utilize TIDEA™ to help you

Focus synthetic chemistry and screening resources on a more potent and diverse subset of molecules
Select molecules for screening in phenotypic assays, especially for complex, multi-target diseases or when the target is unknown
Avoid failures due to incorrect assumptions regarding molecular mechanism of action

* Target-Independent Drug Enhancement Algorithm

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