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About Our Founder and CEO

Darryl C. Rideout, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO of Focus Synthesis

Darryl Rideout is a bioorganic chemist, inventor and entrepreneur dedicated to bringing real improvements to drug design, discovery and development by applying unique approaches in bioorganic and synthetic chemistry. He founded Focus Synthesis in 2004 as a means to provide drugable, rare and unique building blocks to discovery scientists, using cheminformatic-based design. His aim was to address the lack of chemical diversity in early stage discovery, to help pharmaceutical companies avoid late stage failure of new drug candidates.

He attended Princeton University for his undergraduate studies and received his bachelors degree in Chemistry with highest honors (Summa Cum Laude). He earned his Ph.D. in bioorganic chemistry from Columbia University, working under Ronald Breslow. His doctoral thesis on Diels-Alder reactions in water was viewed by many as groundbreaking.

Following a postdoctoral fellowship in bioorganic chemistry with E.T. Kaiser at the Rockefeller University, Dr. Rideout pursued a career in medicinal chemistry, driven by a desire to more efficiently develop better medicines for patient treatment. He has held numerous positions of increasing responsibility in both academia and industry. As a faculty member at the Research Institute of Scripps Clinic he was awarded grant funding from industry, government and private nonprofit foundations such as AmFAR. He was awarded multiple SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grants as Head of Combinatorial Chemistry at Cengent Therapeutics and after founding Focus Synthesis.

Dr. Rideout is the inventor of two key drug discovery technologies: the self-assembling drug approach to chemotherapeutic synergism and TIDEA, a target-independent approach to drug candidate potency prediction that is effective for multiple disease states, targets, and molecular shapes. He has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, including a single author paper in Science. He is inventor on 14 patents and applications for pharmaceutical molecules, including a stereo-specific synthesis of a late stage drug candidate.


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