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Knowledge-enabling Building Blocks

What are Knowledge-enabling Building Blocks?

Knowledge-enabling building blocks are drug discovery precursors that occupy voids in commercial chemical space. These are molecules with structures or properties that are not found in commercially-available molecules. Knowledge-enabling building blocks can be valuable in synthesizing drugable molecules that improve SAR knowledge and IP depth and breadth by enhancing property-space coverage.

With ordinary, conventional building blocks, it can be difficult to develop novel structures. Too often, new drug candidates are close analogs of public domain molecules, because they are synthesized using structures that come from well-represented, over-utilized regions of chemical space.

Focus Synthesis uses rational principles based in chemoinformatics to design chemical building blocks that are not only novel but ideally suited for DOS (diversity-oriented synthesis) and FBLD (fragment based lead discovery). By starting with rare building blocks from underutilized regions of chemical space, you can synthesize novel drug candidates for a wide variety of scaffold types to address a broad range of disease indications.

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