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Focus Synthesis LLC

Drug Development

Focus Synthesis provides chemistry services to help address gaps in pre-clinical development and support advancement to clinical trials.

Synthesis for Drug Development

We can help accelerate your drug development program with practical synthetic methods to address your specific concerns.

Develop scalable, nontoxic synthetic methods, working closely with process chemists.
Identify work - arounds to replace difficult-to-scale processes such as isolation of liquid intermediates, fractional distillation, or chromatography.
Synthesize deuterated analogs of your drug candidate to help improve metabolic stability, decrease drug-drug interactions or as SIL internal standards.
For chiral drug candidates, develop scalable chiral synthetic approaches for both enantiomers.
Synthesis of alternate salt forms of your drug candidate made with pharmaceutically acceptable counterions to improve stability and solubility.

Analysis and Structure Determination for Drug Development

Confirmation of structure to strengthen IP and bioanalysis to support pharmacokinetic studies

Determine absolute configuration of chiral drug candidates through NMR
Crystal growth and x-ray crystallography
MS and LC/MS analysis of deuterated (SIL) and unlabeled forms of your drug candidate, synthesized in our laboratory


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