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Drug Discovery

We can jump-start your drug discovery program with innovative strategies to drive early success.

Explore our Drug Discovery Services:

Synthesis for Drug Discovery
Medicinal Chemistry Services
Computer-aided Drug Design and Discovery

Synthesis for Drug Discovery

Our synthesis services are designed to streamline your drug discovery efforts by overcoming a range of commonly encountered problems related to genotoxicity, scalability, biological activity, and patentability.

We will define and optimize multistep synthetic methods to yield between 1 mg to 10 g of bioactive organic molecules. Our areas of strength include

Chiral molecules
Polycyclic heterocycles
Peptide compounds for
Fluoroalkyl compounds
Distinctive monocyclic and bicyclic heterocycles
Other difficult syntheses

Medicinal Chemistry Services

Ensure diversity and property space coverage with distinct, custom-designed building blocks.

Achieve diversity and property space coverage with new substructures that are drugable and distinct from commercially-available building blocks
Identify distinct building blocks to improve chemical space coverage in your corporate compound collection
Leverage chiral chemistry to improve selectivity
Combine the use of fragments that are also building blocks to efficiently move directly from FBLD to lead expansion
Selective androgen receptor modulators development for Hypogonadism, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia & Cachexia workling hand in hand with
Design novel building blocks customized to your specifications (e.g. PSA, ClogP, FW, EA, type of functionality, ring system, complexity, rule-of-five)

Computer-aided Drug Design and Discovery

Expand leads, increase success rates and improve potency with the help of novel tools available ONLY from Focus Synthesis

Increase hit rates without sacrificing structural diversity with our proprietary TIDEA™ discovery technology
Leverage synergies between shape-independent TIDEA™ and shape-based discovery approaches (i.e. 2D and 3D similarity)
Accelerate lead expansion and scaffold hopping with TIDEA™
Utilize Cheminformatic Gap Fillers™ to increase diversity of combinatorial libraries
Redesign leads to improve metabolic activity, oral bioavailability, and other ADMET characteristics


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