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About Focus Synthesis

Focus Synthesis was founded in 2004 to address the lack of chemical diversity in early stage discovery and help pharmaceutical companies avoid late stage failure of new drug candidates. We provide drugable, rare and unique building blocks to discovery scientists, using cheminformatic-based design. Since 2004, we have grown and added a broad range of CRO services, which build upon and leverage our unique tools for drug discovery and biotechnology.

Contract Research Services and Tools for Drug Discovery & Biotechnology

At Focus Synthesis, we have built our reputation on finding creative yet practical solutions to our clients’ most challenging problems. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a steady stream of viable ideas, identifying and implementing workable alternatives to help you meet your goals.

Our CRO Services and Catalog Molecules are based on intelligent approaches and offer unique solutions to a wide range of drug discovery, drug development, diagnostic development and synthetic organic chemistry applications.

Custom Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Drug Discovery
Build and Strengthen IP
Drug Development

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Our Catalog Molecules
Knowledge-enabling Building Blocks
Rare and Unique Substructures®
Cheminformatic Gap Fillers™

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